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Starting Over Support (SOS)

Supporting people who have left their lives behind with little or no possessions.

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Starting Over Support (SOS) is a community initiative of People Who Care

Dedicated to providing furniture and household goods to people who have become homeless through domestic violence or crisis.

Individuals and families are referred to SOS by refuges, government and non-government agencies, where we can assist in the transition from crisis accommodation by furnishing homes.

A donation of money or goods will make a lasting difference to the lives of those experiencing crisis.

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People Who Care Home and Community Care (HACC) fees are aligned to the Home and Community Care program’s fees policy. A fee assessment of your ability to pay a co-contribution for your services will apply however you will not be denied a service if you cannot afford to pay.

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Starting Over Support (SOS)

How can I access this program?

Referrals from community based agencies are the only way to access the SOS program . To seek a referral, please speak to our Financial Counsellor

Is there a delivery service and are there costs for this?

There are no delivery fees

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