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Domestic Assistance

Short or long term assistance in maintaining independence at home.

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Maintaining independence at home

To provide assistance with domestic chores to manage everyday activities in a safe, secure and healthy home environment.

Services include but aren't limited to support with cleaning, laundry, meal preparation and shopping. Every person and therefore, every plan is different, to meet your domestic assistance requirements.

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People Who Care Home and Community Care (HACC) fees are aligned to the Home and Community Care program’s fees policy. A fee assessment of your ability to pay a co-contribution for your services will apply however you will not be denied a service if you cannot afford to pay.

Faqs about

Domestic Assistance

Do you provide your own equipment?

We ask that you provide your own equipment, however, if this is unavailable, People Who Care will supply necessary equipment.

Can I reschedule my domestic assistance?

Yes. We will work to support you in a way that is flexible and responsive to your requirements.

Do I have to be at home for the support worker?

This is subject to your individual circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

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