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Level Up Program

Supporting people experiencing severe barriers to employment providing meaningful activities, adding value to the community.

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A bridge to employment

Building community based projects with tangible outcomes for people experiencing long-term unemployment.

Level Up supports people experiencing severe barriers to securing employment to build their motivation and encourage enthusiasm to learn new skills and gain work experience that will enhance their employment opportunities.

Working across the Perth Metropolitan area from over ten locations, Level Up:

  • Provides over 46,000 meals per year to those who are homeless
  • Manufactures street libraries for the community
  • Restores push-bikes
  • Creates pallet furniture
  • Designs and manufactures a range of sewing projects, including sleep-jackets and bags
  • Restores and upcycles furniture
  • Designs websites

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People Who Care Home and Community Care (HACC) fees are aligned to the Home and Community Care program’s fees policy. A fee assessment of your ability to pay a co-contribution for your services will apply however you will not be denied a service if you cannot afford to pay.

Faqs about

Level Up Program

How do I access Level Up as a participant?

You must be referred by a Job Network provider operating in your local area that you nominate when you are registered with Centrelink.

Can I choose the project I wish to participate in?

The projects you participate in are linked to the closest People Who Care location to your home. There are a number of projects operating at each location and depending on the days you attend each week, these projects will be the ones to which you are assigned.

What happens if I do not attend Level Up on the days I am required to be present?

Attendance at a People Who Care Level Up project is recorded and as part of our obligations as a host we must provide the records of attendance to the referring Job Network provider. The Job Network provider provides these records to Centrelink and failed attendance may result in the discontinuation of your Centrelink Benefit.

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