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Financial Hardship Products

Providing financial support for those in need.

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Are you in financial hardship?

People Who Care offer support people who are experiencing financial hardship.
  • Power A Pensioner
  • Emergency Relief

All of the financial hardship products provided by People Who Care are funded through the generous donations of the public. An assessment by our financial counsellor will be undertaken to ensure you provided with the most appropriate program to suit your circumstances.

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People Who Care Home and Community Care (HACC) fees are aligned to the Home and Community Care program’s fees policy. A fee assessment of your ability to pay a co-contribution for your services will apply however you will not be denied a service if you cannot afford to pay.

Faqs about

Financial Hardship Products

What is the criteria to access this program and do I need a referral?

People Who Care’s financial hardship programs are provided to people experiencing hardship irrespective of whether they are on a pension or benefit. Assessment of a person's financial capacity is undertaken by a financial counsellor to assess what options can be explored and offered to support someone in crisis. You may self refer or be referred by other community support agencies.

What is the type of support offered?

There are a number of products including a zero interest loans scheme, public transport or relocation allowance, Power A Pensioner program and Community Crisis program

Is the zero interest loan scheme open to me if I am not on a pension or government benefit?

Yes, you may access the Zero Interest Loans Scheme for unexpected events which you do not have the capacity to pay or will put you at risk of serious hardship if you pay for it utilizing your funds in full.

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